Error engine.d.ts Babylonjs-Angular

Hi, I have a problem with babylonjs and angular, when I run the ng serve command this errors appears:

I can´t resolve.

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Can you share a link to your project?

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I think @RaananW fixed this recently and it requires the latest typescript version.

@RaananW please correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

This was just updated, but shouldn’t have caused any issues, even with old(er) versions of typescript. At least not the last 2-3 minor versions.
Did it work until now? Or is it the first time you are trying to do that?

I also find it a little odd that this is reported from engine.d.t and not webxr.d.ts . Can you share a reproduction?

I started the project yesterday, and still i can´t fix, I want to integrate babylonjs into an angular project, I already update typescript version in Angular and babylon to 4.8.2 and still this errors appears.

I see the same string of errors. I can’t share any code because we’re using BabylonJS in a major product configuration tool, it isn’t something I can just paste into a playground example. 5.29.0 works with Typescript 4.8.4 as long as my Angular packages are all 14.2.2 and 14.2.3. Once the Angular packages get updated, I see the same errors shown above.

Sorry, forgot to update here - I have an open PR to fix these issues, it will hopfully be merged soon