Wordpress Plugin - External Links to Amazon S3 - File Won't Load


I’m using the Babylon Wordpress plugin to display 3D models on my website. The instructions mention that external links (to files not hosted on your website) can be used, however, the links I’m using to the glb files on my Amazon S3 account don’t work. I’m almost positive I have all of the permissions set correctly (to make the files publicly accessible), so I don’t think this is the issue.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!


I think @labris may be the one most familiar with the Wordpress plugin. Maybe he can help us out?

Hello and welcome!

The first thing is to quickly check if your model is accessible is to try to open its URL from the browser.
If it doesn’t - probably there is no access or URL is not correct.
The second thing is to check whether your code works with other external links, for example https://models.babylonjs.com/CornellBox/cornellBox.glb

See also code example here - Cornell Box on White Background – Babylon.js 3D WordPress Plugin

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Hi @labris,

The file downloads from the S3 link.

I’ll try this html code, I was using shortcodes.

Will update later.


Nope, the code didn’t work.

Could you provide the link to your file?

Here’s a link to the page I’m trying to display it on. The first example is hosted on the same site, so it loads properly.

Link to my glb file:

Also, I posted the code to another site, it won’t load, even with your file.


When I use the link to your GLB file I have errors:

When I upload this file to the site it is OK - Snake Wall – Babylon.js 3D WordPress Plugin

Probably they may be accessible not for all types of requests or there are CORS problems for some reason.

A CORS issue makes sense.

Is there a way to resolve this? I’m wondering if it might be a WordFence conflict.

There is definitely a worth to check Wordfence settings (or disable it completely to be sure).

Well, it’s not Wordfence or any other plugin, I disabled them all. I’m not sure what else it could be.

If it works at Site 000271 Demo – Nehssie use can use it.

Have you set your CORS headers on AWS too ? There is a section per bucket for that

The file that loads on that page also resides on the domain. It’s anytime I try to get a file to load from any other domain, S3 or another Wordpress site.

I believe so, I have set permissions on both buckets and files… Keep in mind that even files posted on other external Wordpress sites aren’t loading for me either, so it might be something else entirely.

Okay just double check the CORS section is done too, looks something like this:

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Where am I checking this?

It’s in the permissions section of a bucket if you scroll down some

This code wasn’t there, but after I added it, I’m still not getting a result.
Also keep in mind that the file from
won’t load on my site either.