Error on npm run start but not on npm run build

I keep getting the error

TS2306: File 'C:/gitHub/Babylon.js/dist/preview release/babylon.module.d.ts' is not a module.

With no other errors when I am doing a npm run start.

It seems to disappear if I do a build. Not really stopping me from doing anything but is kinda an annoyance to have to do a build instead of just watching for incremental changes.

What does your npm run start do?
What does your npm run build do?

The run build works, I think I might of had a super dumb error some where because this seems to have resolved itself.

but the run start was not seeming to want to do anything. It was odd to see one work and not the other.

If I run across it again ill grab the logs and see if its something that I am doing or if its something that needs to be looked at.

Without any context / code, there isn’t much we can do about it :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was really odd behavior I was not sure how to even ask about it because that was the only thing poping up in the console.

Thanks you for checking in though.

@bghgary so I have been able to kinda recreate it.

I’m not sure if someone else is going to be able to. Let me see if I can record a screen capture of what is going on. Cause it’s kinda weird how it will drop and error while I’m editing blockList.ts or whatever it is vs when I was editing my NME block it would not drop the error.

So like if I made changes to blockList, the script watcher would drop that error, but then if I tabbed to a different ts file makes changes and go back to the compiler it has no errors… seems kinda fishy.

I was able to recreate it on my laptop last night let me see if I can figure out the causality before I record a video here.