Error Parsing NME Snippet - `TypeError: Cannot set property 'displayName' of undefined`

TypeError: Cannot set property 'displayName' of undefined is reported when trying to load my NME snippet (#YDTJYX#2) in Babylon v4.2.0.

Playground: Babylon.js Playground

The NME for the snippet I’m trying to load:

Note 1: Loading the previous version of the material (#YDTJYX#1), without the “UV Radial Gradient” piece works.
Note 2: Switching it to v5.0 alpha works, but unable to do this in our production environment.

Unfortunately you are using a feature not available on 4.2 (it was added to 5.0)

Honestly and I genuinely believe it, you should feel confident to use the alpha version as it is really stable (probably more than 4.2)

Out of interest, which feature is that?

Thanks for the insight into 5.0 alpha.

I did not dig too much into it but I think it is coming from the changes we did on the PBR node