Error: Unable to create texture

Hey~All, I have found that the problem comes from the high resolution (8448*1944). I want to confirm that the reasonable solution is to modify the shared memory ?

I believe the ‘reasonable solution’ as you say, would be not to exceed 4K. My opinion only.

Please forgive me for not describing it clearly. I mean the size of the whole web page (canvas).

Thanks for clarifying. Actually, I’m afraid I would not know about this. I will let someone else answer.
May be I can callin someone that will surely be able to answer accordingly. You might have to wait until tomorrow.
@RaananW Could you please kindly provide with your invaluable knowledge on this question regarding max size of canvas ? Thx,

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createTexture should not fail except is the webgl context has been lost or has not been created which could be related to memory.

createTexture does not reserve the memory on itself, only the “upload” functions or texStorage + mipmap generation do.

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Sorry. I should have provided these earlier.

What platform are you working on ?

Edge version: 102.0.1245.33 and Chrome version: 102.0.5005.63 on windows 10

I found that modifying this property can fix it.
If we had a better solution. please teach me .

using this is totally correct, but usually the css size should prevent it to happen except if your canvas is actually that big by design.

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