Error when running npx build-tools

Hi @RaananW !

I am trying to add the visualization tests you’ve requested and I’ve just created a PG. I was just about to test it but there is an error after I run:

My repo is up to date.

Can you help me to resolve this error?


npm install will solve that :slight_smile:


Yes! :wink:


Ehm, actually it seemed to solve the issue, but after a few seconds I got this:

I wil try to restart.


Let me know if it is solved

Before the crash I got this error about a memory leak:

The memory leak error is still there… damned…

EDIT: Let me try this on Windows

@RaananW what the heck? :see_no_evil:


I solved this by:

nvm use 18
npm i
npm i puppeteer // installed recent version of chrome

Sorry - totally missed that. On what system? linux?

that can’t be good… i’ll have to test that


I’m on Mac. Now it seems to be working. The memory leak error is still there but it seems to be working, I can code, the playground is up, however sometimes it doesn’t update when the code is updated, I need to restart the build tools and the Monaco editor goes crazy (I don’t know whether it’s related to the memory leak issue) but it shows ridiculously weird errors I’ve never seen before. For example: Javascript is not installed… Believe or not! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

well, maybe you should install javascript then! :slight_smile:

I don’t use a mac, but i’ll ask on the team and see if anyone else experiences that

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It pops up whenever there is an error in the code so I have to quickly fix the error so it doesn’t show up again :rofl: It’s annoying but increases productivity LOL I type less errors and act more quickly when fixing one :metal: :muscle:

I think there are multiple layers of this error message because I have to click the close icon like ten times to get back to the editor.

I’m working in the TS editor.

You can disable the overlay if it bothers you. To do that set an environment variable (or add it to your .env file). The value: DISABLE_DEV_OVERLAY = true

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Can you please review the changes in my PR and merge both the Documentation PR and the library PR? I am almost ready with the next one and this is my last free day, I’d like to do as much as possible on BJS.
Thaaaank youuu!

You mean a system env variable?

yes, or add a .env in the base directory of the repo

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May I create a PR which is not fully ready just to have a snapshot created so I can share the progress with someone else?

You can open a draft PR, of course. Not sure what your usecase exactly, but you do know that everything submitted is open to the public :slight_smile:

That’s my intention to ask others how would they like to behave some of the features of the non camera facing greased line :wink:

Just got a call that I need to go to a business trip abroad… :thinking: :roll_eyes: for three days and I leave tonight… So I have to stop coding now to prepare myself.

Thanks, see you soon :slight_smile:


Sweet! I will give it a try tonight. I have been doing something with a ton of meshes in need of greasing that should be a great use case test.

I will let you know how it goes.

Happy Travels!

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