Exciting! WebGPU + Ammo?

Merged into emscripten master over the weekend. Quite exciting, no? Is there anyone assigned to Ammo / WebGPU?

This will probably be on @Cedric (but do not hold your breath ;))

@Cedric happy to make a donation and enforce house arrest! :crazy_face:

If @Cedric is not available, I’d be happy to have a bash.

Oh my! Please go ahead!! We are more than happy to get help :smiley:

This is the branch where @sebavan is pushing all our webgpu work: GitHub - BabylonJS/Babylon.js at WebGPU

Great. Will take a long look.


Yo @agentdavo

I have been maintaining builds of Ammo.js with add_func support. Plus a few contact manifolds additions to the ammo.idl so you can do more advanced collision detection … on collision enter, on collision stay and on collision exit.

I also added advanced suspension handling, smooth triangle mesh and smooth vehicle raycaster support so we can do AAA driving mechanics.

Please check out https://babylontoolkit.com/projects/speedway to see my progress.

Anyways… I am very interested in making my driving simulations work with WebGPU. I would love to talk to about the current state of WebGPU and anything to do with ammo.js

Hit me up :call_me_hand: