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I understand that this is not a technical question, I am not even sure if it is the right kind of questions to ask, so please let me know if it should be removed.
I have been using (learning) Babylonjs for a while now, and I released one simple game, which I was happy to share with the world :slight_smile: as this was my big success (or so I thought).
It did not get as much attention as i thought it would.
Do you have any tips on how to get your game noticed? I know it might not be attracting enough recurring users, but at least to get some people to try it even once.


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Posting a link to it on here would help.

Closed mouths don’t get fed.


Thanks @Pryme8. I did post about it in “Project and Demos”.
I understand it might not be very engaging, but my concern is related to the failure to attract attention. I mean “first time users”. I also tweeted about it and posted on LinkedIn.

Facebook is one giant Ad/PR machine

  • Target Markets
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Drive Engagements
  • Platform Agency
  • Partnerships
  • Repeat.

Images, Videos, Links, ongoing Buzz - even if it is just you.
Perfect various engagements with your target audience.
Turn the dial until it clicks, and try to unlock the lock.
When you unlock the lock - repeat.

said a former mentor

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Thanks @aWeirdo. I was hoping that i can avoid Facebook (maybe it is a personal fear of being overexposed), but you are right.

@aFalcon, that is a good advice: “Turn the dial until it clicks, and try to unlock the lock.
When you unlock the lock - repeat”.
It does imply that there is no magic recipe and that you can fail many times before you get some success.


I am looking for it and cant find it?

Where is the link?

Here we go:

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Hello @Abdullah_Alkawatrah,

For my GeekTrains game I’ve created a Facebook Page:

You can set this kind of thing up without the need to expose your own name/personal Facebook account. At the very least you’ll benefit from an additional link to your site, and a place where people can leave you feedback on your game.

When you don’t have a lot of connected friends on Facebook already, no need to worry about over-exposure anyhow. That’s because you can share your page for free with people you already connected to… but for all others you need to pay (create Ads).

There’s a special App from Facebook for managing Pages, so doesn’t require you to have the regular Facebook App. Also there’s the Analytics App for Page Owners.

Another way to get some exposure is to create videos of your game and publish them on YouTube Gaming. Be sure to activate the analytics so you can monitor what works and what doesn’t work to build an audience.

Makes me think about more inventive ways to expand reach… Why don’t we as developers help each other out with a valid link building strategy? “Dear player, if you liked my game about trains, maybe you also like this other game about cars from my friend developer at www. some page .com” :slight_smile:


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Wow, I just had a flashback to the early web. Anyone remember webrings?

Talking about listings… anyone already tried getting your hosted webapp listed in app stores?



Millions of reach for your app is ‘promised’ according to above pages :wink:

A hosted web-app is a mini installer app and just contains a small file which opens your webgame’s URL in a liteweight browser-like app. In short, anyone with an existing working webapp can create them in minutes.

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Yes. We tried all three (and others) last year. It was a laborious process. We plan to attempt it (again) this year. To anyone who follows this strategy, be prepared to wait “months” for access to the walled gardens, and to jump through many (many) hoops (like hundreds of different icons[sizes/formats], videos, text statements, and endless settings [like zero hyper links], which must be precise - or the whole thing breaks in vague errors, and support runarounds […]), and surprises [like no payout until $100.00], plus membership fees, etc. : )

And we had to drive all the traffic anyway - so the exposure is - no different than a website?
So, by comparison, we try another strategy of 3DWeb on io.
Subscription list. World wide web. No middleman. Simple.

We need a 3DWeb.

Feeling forced to build it. Talked to itch.i0 they said PDWha? Lol.


Here is a question for GameDevs (of which I am not). How do you target?

Although in theory, you could make something that runs on a big screen and also on a phone, it seems extremely impractical. I presume you have a sweet spot. Is that the big screen?

It’s hard to leg your way into multiplayer, right? Nobody goes to a nightclub with no one in it. So that is a big factor in game design.

Phone games are usually casual stuff, right? Like Candy Crush, presumably. The “pause” while you are in the dentist waiting room. I have not heard of much 3D traction on small screens. (But what do I know?)

Outside of the U.S., the tradeoffs are different. For many folk, the phone is their only computer. They squeeze usage out of that wee device that we would never try. It’s kinda amazing. In some places (not all) Internet has exorbitant usage fees, by their standards.

I think the strongest advantage of making a PWA is the ability to build an App-like module that runs across many platforms with one code base. It’s harder for Apple, Google, Microsoft to monetize it. The same factor will dampen any marketing air cover you might hope for.

I am doing an App (not a game) that would primarily be used by a group on people in the same physical location. They might be on any platform imaginable. So this is the only way to go.

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Is this for mobile as well?

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Yes that is the vector.

@i73, PWA, Cordova, Electron are mobile. Not sure if “hosted web-app” means: manifest, webview, or something else.

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This is a really great double-example of new things to try.


Starting with a focus on the “Classic Growth Funnel”:


  1. it uses a “Twitter Thread” to raise Awareness (simultaneously gaining followers).

Here is the full article: How Fortnite changed the way video games were marketed

We do same for BABYLON.GAME but instead choose STORY to help kidz read. :slight_smile:

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