Thank you for being amazing

So just a backdrop,
We are writing heavy data visualizations for a engineering company and our team does not have a lot of 3d experience, kinda learning as we go.
We used threejs for the most part but there were a number of things that we were not happy with and with the advent of Babylonjs 5 ( cool name :slight_smile: ) we thought we would look at it.

We were afraid that the game engine part would cause issues but our senior architect looked at the babylonjs 5 release notes and mission statement and was very happy with what he saw.

So started a journey of trying to figure out how to do some basic stuff towards our goal of using babylonjs in a very important piece of software for our company.

The result was that we are thrilled with this engine.
Stuff we struggled with before was just easy to do.
Some of the more out there topics the community was open to chat about and share their ideas.
We are loving the tools and they make great improve the quality of life for the developer.

There are a couple of items that I wish was there.

  1. Bare metal ES6 browser standard modules would be at the top.
  2. Tooling to drag and drop build your scenes in the browser but able to access the file system (using something like chome / edge file api)

Having said that, we are very excited with what we do have and look forward to a great future using Babylonjs for all kinds of amazing user jerneys.

So on that note I would like to thank all of you who are working hard in providing us a great engine with clean tooling and engaging community.


W000000t, this is the kind of message I love reading after the weekend !!! thanks a lot.

Man! you just made my day :slight_smile: Thanks a ton

By the way ESM are on the top list of @RaananW :wink:

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Reading that makes me really happy :slight_smile:

and yes, esm and in-browser import is high prio to me. date is still TBD, but I promise it’s always on my mind :wink:

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If your company has a Packt subscription, you’ll have access to my Book that’s aimed squarely at developers like yourselves!

The book is focused on showing how to use BJS as part of an application which, in the book’s case, happens to be a game.

Love to see people excited about this stuff!!


Thanks @Johan_Rabie! As @RaananW starts to tackle ESM support, you’ll be able to follow progress on this GitHub issue


I got lost a bit today in having a look at all the features for milestone 6.
It looks epic and I am stoked about the accessibility features.

The fact that you guys are even aware of this kind of thing just goes to show how brilliant this team is.