Thank you all for all your help

Just wanted to say, this is a really great community. Am still quite new to Babylon and not very active on here, but every question I have ever asked has been answered and I have yet to see anybody be ignored. This gives me a lot of confidence in my decision to spend time learning Babylon as opposed to some other 3D framework.

I hope that as I get more familiar with 3D and Babylon, I can give something back.


You are more than welcome! and thanks a lot for your kind words!


And also thanks to the developpers (and Deltakosh :wink: ) for their reactivity and community listening which is quite impressive :raised_hands:t5:


I couldn’t agree more @Richard! Since April, I’ve asked almost 50 questions, and nearly all of them got a response and solution. :smiley: :+1: A lot of them were just basic JavaScript questions, and even still many community members took the time to explain basic programming so I could move forward with my project. In the spirit of giving back, I learned enough since April to successfully answer exactly 1 person’s question, so if anyone needs to know how to adjust mouse wheel zoom speed, let me know! :joy:


I started using babylon.js since 2015. memories from Babylon.js - HTML5 Game Devs Forum, at first I started using three.js because of performance issues and there wasn’t gltf support then…but now ladies and gentlemen, the babylonjs then stands no chance with the babylonjs now… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

so thank you everybody.