Experiencing E[T].serialize is not a function when trying to save my scene

Hello everyone! I am trying to implement a save function for my 3D room modelling app. I started off with the tutorial, Save Your Scene - Babylon.js Documentation. I have been trying but I kept getting an error that says E[T].serialize is not function (babylon.js:16).

After playing around with the code, I realized that this line of code is probably the one that is causing this error.

var serializedScene = BABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize(scene);

Is there a reason why this happens?

Thank you for your help!

Hey and welcome!!
Can you repro the issue in our playground?

I’ve reproduced the problem on the playground but there is another problem that says
“Line 356:32 - Cannot read property ‘name’ of null”. This is reading the name of the scene’s active camera. This problem doesn’t occur when I launch it normally.

The problem that I am facing is “Line 16:2261110 - E[T].serialize is not a function”.

I apologize if the code seem too long. Thank you once more for your help and patience!

Link to the playground : Babylon.js Playground

After commenting out and testing out several parts of the code, I realized that the problem is due to the UI. Is there a reason why the UI will cause such an error?

It is a bug, It will be fixed by the next nightly:

Okay! Thank you so much for your reply sebavan!:slight_smile: