Export glb with NullEgine

Exporting GLB on serverside/Node.js doesn’t work.

It works on browser, when I implement exactly same code below.

In serverside, I got empty data.

BJS - [15:14:55]: createNodeAsync: Light falloff for Lamp does not match the KHR_lights_punctual specification!
GLTFData { glTFFiles: { 'test.glb': {} } }
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GLTF2Export and how it works on browser side is pretty much it creates an anchor () element and initiates download. So pretty much it’s doing this


But this means that the function interacts with DOM, which on server side is not available. So I don’t think you can use that approach on server side. I had similar issue lately, and you can check out here how I solved it.

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Hello @dongqui just checking in if you need any more help with this