Export GLTF materials from blender as standards materials

I export a mesh with materials from blender in a GLTF, and the materials are imported as PBR materials in Babylon.
I would like the materials to be standards instead.

I am sure GLTF does not even know what a BABYLON.StdMaterial is, so the GLTF exporter in Blender is not going to do it.

The .babylon / JSON exporter for Blender does. PBR is the default, but there is a Use PBR Materials checkbox in the exporter properties of World that you can un-check.

I have been thinking about, also having an override check in the properties of each material so that one might mix material types in the export. Reasons for doing so might be that reflection probes & shadows work better in STD. Not really doing anything with the exporter right now, though.