Exported scene from Unity does not match original

Hey, everyone! I’m coming from Web and new to 3D Graphics. Please forgive me if this isn’t actually a bug :grimacing:

I have purchased the ‘POLYGON - Nature Pack’ from syntystore and loaded their demo scene in Unity and I have exported it using the Babylon toolkit however when I ‘build and preview’ the scene looks different as represented in the attached image.

Sorry I realise this isn’t a lot of information to go on.

Screenshots of my logs are here (I can’t seem to copy the text, also I’m a new user so can only post 2 links)

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction with regards to what could potentially be going wrong here?

Pinging @MackeyK24 who owns the Unity Exporter

Welcome @william_sando to the Babylon Family! The 3D world is super fun! It’s great to have you as a part of it!

Can you send me your scene… I’ll take a look at and see what I can figure out

Thank you @PirateJC! I’m really enjoying it so far.
@MackeyK24 Awesome, thank you! Do you have an email address or something I can send it to, I don’t seem to have permissions to send you a PM?


Well it does not look the exporter will export this scene.

Main Reasons:

1… The Shaders… The scene is using some custom Vender Shader with funny swatches at the textures. The exporter will try to convert everything (that is can) to either a BABYLON.StandardMaterial or a BABYLON.PBRMaterial.

It always best to use Unity Content that uses the Unity Standard Shaders … Custom shaders are not guaranteed to convert picture perfect. You should change the shaders yourself in Unity. (But remember that custom shader from your scene uses a texture with a bunch of color swatches… You would need to create a custom shader that uses the swatches texture as well… Would probobly have to use the Unity Custom Shader in HLSL as a guild to writing your own custom BABYLON.ShaderMaterial)

2… The exporter dumps out your terrain assets. You must create your ground and handle the Terrain shader yourself… Its kinda complicated to do multiple texture tiles. Especially more that 3… Thats gonna mean a Terrain Texture Atlas, And Splatmaps, Etc…

There are some threads on the forums we have that goes into the details of terrains and texture atlas… Luckily my upcoming toolkit has a Pro Terrain SDK that will be available that will handle this out-the-box (Does not support Unity Detail Prototypes Yet… Like spreading grass and rocks with the terrain painting tools… But is does handle the built in Tree Painting)

3… I don’t do water yet… Gotta look into that one :slight_smile:

In summary… That seen is way to complicated with LEGACY and CUSTOM Unity Shaders… Try and use more Modern Unity Friendly Scenes that utilize Unity Standard Shaders or at least that will convert easily to a Unity Standard Shader.

Sorry bout your scene for now :frowning:


Hey, thank you for looking into this for me! It’s a shame Synty isn’t using standard shaders, as I’m getting issues with some of their other packs in Unity (pink shader problem etc). I think for now because I’m still starting out with 3D graphics it will be simpler to just stay within the Unity ecosystem
and get stuck in to Babylon once I have more experience. thanks again for your help!