Exporter scene is different on sandbox

Hi. Today i prepared test low poly scene in new bledner. After export it to .babylon format in sandbox i can see different colors on materials. Please look into screens. Also i attach .babylon and .blend file.blednerToBabylon.zip (2.4 MB)

Maybe @Vinc3r or @gryff can help (if they have free cycles :))

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@Deltakosh : Will take a look.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

Well, I took a look at the .blend file and compared the colours of the hills - “orange3”, and they look the same in the sandbox, the .babylon file, and the .blend file.

Looking in the sandbox, I notice that it is using a “default light” - a hemi. The .blend file is using a "point light" which does not get exported in the .babylon file. From the end of the .babylon file that was included:


So one issue is the type of lighting being used in Blender and the BJS Sandbox - they are different.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

@gryff Hmm… I think tyhis is not a light problem. Just look at screen, which i attached. I trying with lights but objects are still different.

You can’t compare Blender viewport and 3D Engine rendering, even if you’re using PBR on both sides. BabylonJS will require its own material & lighting tweaks, like any other engines.

You’re not even in “Rendered” viewport mode inside Blender but in “Solid” :smile:

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Please check make sure in file that materials are pbr or std, and try the other.

While this maybe a large difference, colors have never matched, not even between different browsers. Could be how specular is calibrated from nodes.