Toolkit Texture Exporter Problems

Jeremy219 posted a problem with the current toolkit texture exporting:

Unfortunately there a few issues concerning the actual geometry and normals and tangents.
Not to mention the whole CATCH ALL material export properties.

I fixed these issues (AND MANY OTHERS) in the new Babylon Toolkit (which i hope to have a release for by the time Babylon 4.0 goes stable). Is re-written from the ground up using my own GLTF Unity Metadata Exporter as the scene file generator. You get almost picture perfect exports to the original Unity Scene.

Here is that same scene using the new Babylon Toolkit 4.0 Beta 3

Unity Edit Screen Shot:

Babylon Toolkit Export (Including Mixed Realtime and Baked Lighting):

Looks pretty freaking sweet to me :slight_smile:

Excellent! And not really a bug :slight_smile: You should post it under Demos and Project section

New Babylon Toolkit will solve this issue :slight_smile:

Yo @jeremy219 … Its looking better with native babylon scene files.

I got the EVERYTHING in your scene going pretty good EXCEPT the MULTI-RENDERER LOD GROUPS… I currently only support single renderer LOD GROUPS… But i will use your workshop scene to SOMEHOW get multi-lod groups going…

Here is a screen shoot with MIXED realtime and baked lighting (including SPOT LIGHTS):

Thank you Mackey :slight_smile: New version of the toolkit fixed everything that actually mattered for me, I’m using it everyday, can’t thank you enough for that awesome tool :slight_smile:

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