Exporting joints with a skin weight of 0

Anybody have a work around for exporting all the joints within a skeleton as a GLB, even if they are not weighted to anything (Similar to how FBX works)? I am having an issue with an app that shares animations across multiple characters and it doesn’t like when joints are missing. Thanks!

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Do you mean exporting from a Babylon.js scene or from a CCT (like Blender, Maya, 3DSMax)?

If it is from a Babylon scene, can you provide a repro PG (https://playground.babylonjs.com/)?

Hi Evgeni! We figured it out. When binding your mesh in Maya, you have to make sure the Remove Unused Influence box is unchecked. If that is unchecked, all joints are exported with the babylon exporter. Party! :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:


wow Thanks for this @jlzachary

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