Exporting Node Material Shader to be used in ThreeJS

Hello there,
I was researching a way to use materials created with NME in other environments, namely threeJS (client requirements do not allow me to handle this project in babylon).
Do you think this might be possible? Any suggested workflow?

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No, a node material is not meant to be exported at the GLSL code level, even for reuse in Babylon.js. See for eg:

For very simple materials you may be able to use the glsl code directly, but if for eg you add lighting it’s simply impossible, lights relies on existing feature in the Babylon.js framework to work.


Thank you @Evgeni_Popov, my research outcome was correct then.

Ah, that’s a shame… I’m in the same boat and had high hopes, using NME-generated GLSL in a threejs shadermaterial would have been very helpful.

Does anybody know wether there might be attempts to work on a wrapper for this GLSL?

Why not using babylon then ???


Obviously a fair point, and I did feel weird asking this question here - but eh, we’re kind of locked in to three/react-three-fiber currently, you know how it is!

No insult meant by my question! I’m a fan of both the NME and the various Babylon playgrounds/scene inspectors. IMO they do a pretty damn good job of abstracting some of the more obtuse stuff happening in the background, compared to THREE… :wink: