Expose interface for gizmo?


I wonder if this is a solved problem or no one encountered this at all.

I am trying to customize AxisDragGizmo and replace the ones in PositionGizmo in TypeScript.

Since AxisDragGizmo has a lot private not protected variables, I needed to copy most of the code of AxisDragGizmo instead of extending it.

But PositionGizmo only accept xGizmo to be instance of AxisDragGizmo. Maybe Interface can be defined for each gizmo to make customization easy?

export class PositionGizmo extends Gizmo {
     * Internal gizmo used for interactions on the x axis
    public xGizmo: AxisDragGizmo;

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pinging @Cedric

I have no objection to change private members from AxisDragGizmo to protected ones.
You can do a PR, I’ll be glad to review it :slight_smile:

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I’m going to make one, would try to make all gizmos consistent.