EyeDropper Babylon.js Utility

Click Eyedropper button in any Babylon scene and get Hex and Babylon colors!
Copy colors and paste directly into code.
I believe that this small utility may be very helpful when tuning scenes, materials etc. (One may remove GUI part and use only console to get colours in Hex and Color3 format).
Probably later when this API will be more widely accepted it would be good to add this feature to GUI Editor?

Works with Chrome, should work with Edge and Opera.
Source code (PG) included.


Hi @labris!
This is very cool! Thanks for sharing!

My vote: YES :slight_smile:

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Well, that’s neat!

@msDestiny14 FYI :slight_smile:

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I can see this being VERY useful!


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Love it @labris !!! I did not even know there was a built-in API for that.

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