Bloom bright extraction

the original post is here:

I’m sorry I didn’t know the tech discussion should go here, so I just posted this new one.

actually this is not a bug, but I don’t know what you guys think.

if there will be a new option for bloom it’s ok for me, but I need time to read the souce code then I can make a PR (should take a bit long time).

but personally I think for an engine, it should keep as much pixels as possible for the final result, so I think this should be a fix too? i don’t know.

I would not consider it a fix per se but I like the idea of introducing a new mode. There is no rush on it so take your time and we can definitely help you for the integration so do not hesitate to ask anytime you would be blocked :slight_smile:


Hi @sebavan, I have successfully created the PR, and tested ok, files changed:






but when I finish and compare between the BJS orignal one and this new one, I found yes, as you said, only different is the new one just a bit softer, BJS old one has a more intense bright which I more like. so I don’t want to push this patch now, because the old one is better (at least to me, LOL).

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