Face detection in Web XR

Hi all! Is there any way to create face detection in AR mode with Babylon XR? I want to detect mouth in realtime and replace teeth with 3d model.


I wonder if you could get back the camera feed to process with Face.js for instance ? @RaananW might know way ?

Sadly we can’t support that, not even with external libraries. WebXR doesn’t provide us with the image data, so you cannot pass it to face.js or any other image processing lib.

If you don’t want to use WebXR you can always get the camera’s stream and provide it to an image processing lib. Or use some external library like https://www.zappar.com/

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I understood! Thank you for your reply! Have a good day!

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I thought I saw a hand tracking demo done in XR? Or is that possible only in a native app?

Hand tracking is a part of the WebXR api. it is done by the underlying system. If there will be an official webxr implementation of face recognition, the browsers will (eventually) implement it and we will have the API to use.

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