WebXR: Support for eye-tracking in the browser?

Hi all!

I’m just getting started with WebXR in BabylonJS. I noticed that eye-tracking is only supported in Babylon Native. Is browser support planned? Is there an ETA?

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Relevant feature:

@RaananW is the grand master of XR and might be aware of that but I am totally unsure :slight_smile:

The eye tracking module was created especially for babylon native, as this feature is available in OpenXR, but not in WebXR. Sadly there is no actual roadmap for this feature to be included in the browser, and it is very much dependent on the device’s capabilities. I don’t know of a lot of devices that will allow you to use eye tracking.
I remember reading about a webxr draft for that, but i might be completely mistaken. What I do know is that no browser supports this feature ATM…

Thanks @RaananW for the quick response. Your answer is very helpful. That is unfortunate that eye tracking isn’t yet supported.

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If you just need the eye tracking - there has been some progress on tensorflowjs for iris tracking - don’t know if you need XR specifically.

Yeah, I was hoping to make use of the Hololens 2 eye-tracking. Perhaps there’s some other way around using WebXR for this though.

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