Faces not showing?

It’s me again, now I figured out that my figure was one Y axis down (the entire figure was centered to Y= -1 and it should be on Y = 0) so I decided to change the depth of my figure to grab one value from the JSON above to extrude to the Y axis on the plus side, but now I found out that my figure it has no faces anymore. Why this is happening? does the figures are being compressed?

https://playground.babylonjs.com/#GI8Z7K#2 playground for reference, line 501 to 523 are the ones used to extrude the polygon in the for loop. Ignore the rest down there from those lines, those lines are just to generate lines and dots.

Hey @TUNRAX, could you simplify the PG a bit to only highlight your issue? we are not a lot this week and I am really willing to check it out

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Ok, I made the playground shorter https://playground.babylonjs.com/#GI8Z7K#3 I removed the unnecessary details, and added some comments on where the problem could be, the JSON is not removed because is needed for everything to run.

extrusion seems to work https://playground.babylonjs.com/#GI8Z7K#4 your depth is probably the issue. You indeed do not have an altura prop on your polygonos

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Ooops, I just saw my error, I called the incorrect position on the json. I just found out after you told me. I thought I was not extruding correctly. Thanks Anyway!