Failed to export skeleton animation using Maya exporter

Hi folks,

I am using maya 2018 with babylon exporter plugin installed. I did some experiment on simple mesh it worked fine but for skeleton animations (1015.9 KB)
it seemed to be fine in maya and as fbx file but when I exported as .babylon many properties like skinning weights are gone and received error in sandbox. gltf files were fine in sandbox but lost skinning weights as well. I have tried all days and have no idea about what happened. Could any one
save my life by providing some clues? Appriciating :wink:

Adding @Guillaume_Pelletier and @bghgary for the exporter part. It might be cause you are using some unsupported features, so let s double check with them.


Seems you deleted your morph target.
its common for target to be deleted, then beeing not available anymore for plugin. (This is a known problem of all Maya exporter, and seems no-ones find a global solution so-far)
Maya is then store the baked “deltas” into plug. Our exporter is trying to retreive these deltas and associated index to build our Vertices list
but this is where we fail here.
Also, it’s seems there is some pb into the object hierachy…


Thank you for your kind reply. Yes, morph targets have been removed since they became visible meshes when exported. The skeleton didn’t drive the character meshes and morph targets were moved instead. Could you please provide me some advice that guide the animation design process in maya to avoid a failure export or is there any criterion for making body and face animation?

Unfortunately, my knowledge of Maya is limited to SDK and underlying 3D Math.
However, did you try some of our samples ??
Regading the Morph target, if you check the “Export Only selected” you might be able to avoid duplicate meshes.

Hi, yes I found some samples with key frame animations. But in some cases, some tools can be used such as IK controller to facilitate animation designing process, it might be okey to bake them as key frames. while it looks like the same as the sample but it still get some problems such as skinning etc. Does it mean that it is necessary to avoid using these high level controllers when keying the animation?

I’m afraid that Maya exporter is not advanced as the 3dsMax exporter, and we do not have an extensive coverage of all the uses cases, especially into Bones and Morph topics.
I will have a closer look onto your file to understand the dysfunction, a soon i have bandwitdh.

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