Feature request : Neuron sculpture / Neuron editor / Neural engine


I have an idea for shifting towards neural networks within babylon that can help users to create hand crafted neural networks that does a specific job.

I got this idea after looking at the particle editor and physics editor.

I think this will have huge impact because AI Neural netoworks require coding knowledge but for someone who is a visual learner can create creative demos if a platform to build neural network is provided.

I’m excited to hear from the forum members.


Hello and welcome

just FYI, the node editor is open source right here if you want to investigate:

I agree v. Cool idea. Not sure how they map them now, I imagine something less friendly than the NME. A 3d visualization of all the different data manipulations in a neural model would be of great value.

I have drafted about Neural Fluid Foundations and Neuron visualiser - Neuron Sculpture || Neuro Surgeon.

@withADoveInOneHand idea I proposed is to create a tool that will help to create a 3d model of neurons so that users can create any kind of network and models and opens up more creative options. What do you mean by NME?

@Deltakosh thanks. I’m planning for a design phase for the idea so that it looks convincing before getting into implementation.

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Stands for ‘Node Material Editor’ I think it’s a 2d graphical interface for creating shaders, I think DK mentioned it as a parallel for what you are proposing in 3d to create neuralnets