NME Examples/Tutorials

Hey there. I am hoping to use BabylonJS for the upcoming JS13k Game Jam, and I think that what would be the most useful to help me is having a list of NME examples that are very simple so that the exported code isn’t too big.

I might be off on this, but remaking the list of Procedural Textures Library in the documentation would make sense to me.

I’m going to try following this Unity Shader Fire tutorial and make something in NME with it.

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As the simplest of examples, here’s something that would work well for an underwater bubble or something like a magic carpet.

Hey @BoldBigflank!

There are tons of NME examples on the forum you just have to search for them.

For example:

If you create something you think it’s worth of it, do not hesitate to add it to the Assets library here:

Regarding the Unity Shader Fire tutorial. I am following that guy quite for a while already too. He makes absolutelly amazing stuff :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see some cool NMEs from you as well :vulcan_salute:



Oh, neat. I searched “NME” and looked pretty deep but only found one example and it was jcpirate’s underwater scene, which is a bit too big for a 13k game jam.

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Hey cool, the customFrames includes TileAndOffset, that’s great! Saves me a lot of work to parallel Unity.

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Yeah, it was actually created by me. I started to create Unity compatible NME frames to create BJS node materials from Unity tutorials more easily :wink:


That’s so very useful. There are lots of unity tuts and not very many bjs ones. I’m excited, I feel like I have a shot at making something visually appealing now.


Do it buddy! The Nuclear Explosion by the same dude is amazing as well!

Let us show your progress later!

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