Is NME Source Code open source? Architecture?

I was looking for the Node Material Editor source code used by Babylon in hope to find how it works from technical code architecture point of view, but didn’t find anything on github. Is NME source code open source? If not, could someone give me some pointers on how to create a similar Node Editor GUI?

In particular, I’m interested in:

  1. Architecture - does NME persist only JSON files as the source of truth?
  2. What library was used for the Node Editor, if not built in house?
  3. What are the key takeaways from developing NME? (from developers perspective - i.e. things you learned, what could be done differently, etc.)

I’m building a new no-code development platform that would allow non-programmers (as well as pro devs) to build complete web apps from scratch without coding, including 3D experiences with Babylon. A Node Editor experience similar to NME is a perfect tool for the editor.

cc @Deltakosh @sebavan

Everything is open source:

It is entirely made in house:)

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Thank you! I thought NME was sitting as a separate package, hence couldn’t find it :joy:

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We are planning to separate the node graphics system from nme to make it more reusable for other products btw:)