Feature request: script maya export

Hope this is the correct section for this, but I have a feature request for the maya exporter:
Would it be possible to provide mel or python commands to automate the exporter a bit more?
Especially useful would be a way to access the animation groups via script (adding new animGroups, edit them, deleting etc.)

Pinging @drigax who is the mastermind behind the exporters :smiley:

I’m sure it would be possible. I’m not terribly well-versed with MEL and writing MEL plugins, but I’m definitely interested in some other functionality that may be useful as well.

It would be very useful for integrating the exporter in a pipeline. Right now I have one script to run before export and one after export, but this is not very useful in the long run. With some mel or python commands I could turn this in a one button solution that works for everybody in a team

I’m sorry, i meant to ask what specific functionality would you need to be exposed to MEL to support this?

The 3ds Max MaxScript Exposure appears to do most of this, most of the functions are pretty self explanatory, but it would be good to know if this API is missing some necessary pieces for your usecase, or if its sufficient to implement the equivalent in Maya

Sorry for the delay, I was on holiday for a few weeks. The maxscript exposure looks very complete… Actually there are more functions than I’d hoped for, especially the Import of Animation groups from json files sounds interesting!
What we would need is:

  • Set Export file path
  • Set file format
  • Set Environment texture
  • Set All the checkbox options
  • creating, deleting and editing animation groups…
    basically everything that can be set via the exporter UI and the animation groups UI
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@Drigax But actually the most important thing for now would be to be able to set an export path and start the export. This would help our pipeline here very, very much.


I opened an issue to address this, but I personally most likely won’t be able to add this feature for a few months, due to vacation and other projects.

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Thanks for opening the issue and the heads up about when it will be adressed, that will help us to plan accordingly. Looking forward to the updates!

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A scriptable exporter is a must have!

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