Accessing Babylon Object Properties via Maxscript


Hello! I am new to Babylon and am trying to access the Babylon.js Object Properties via Maxscript but I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to do that. Is that possible?



Hello and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately MaxScripts are not supported by the exporters. The usual workflow is to create your assets in Max, maya… export them to a babylon supported format and then in your javascript find back your meshes and apply the scripts you want.



Thank you for the fast reply. So just to be clear, you are saying there is no way to access these checkboxes from within 3dsMax using maxscript?



Oh that is a good question, I though you wanted to export some scripts from Max to javascript :slight_smile:

cc @PatrickRyan who knows way more than me about the authoring tools.



The good news is that we do support exporting from maxscript:

All parameters should be updatable



Yeah the export definitely is configurable via maxscript, but unfortunately when it lists out the properties to modify it only has the ones for the actual export window

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Ok gotcha…that something you can create a feature request for then

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