Figured out infinite terrain, infinite skybox, can't figure out infinite water to nail the basic infinite environment down

So guys, I’m working on some infinitely strallable world where i can freely eval some code, ending up in an infinite rocky code sandbox where i can play around with stuff, and i already figured out a lot of things.
I figured out character mesh, ragdolls, movemets, used Dynamic Terrain extension to generate decent tri-polar textured solid ground from heightmap, then made skybox infinite, and it’s getting into good shape already.
The current thing im really struggling with is to create an infinite water plane. The Dynamic Terrain doc explains some ribbons but for some reason doest cover a basic plane. Should i even use Dynamic Terrain for this? Or i just should attach the plane to camera and move them together to create same effect? Another bad thing i see is the awkward angular shore where water plane intersect with infinite terrain, don’t see any quick way to fix it now, probably some vertex shaders and shore-detection should b involved?

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Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! That is a pretty cool project :smiley:

From what I understand of Dynamic Terrain, it just takes some coordinates and spits out a mesh - so if you’d want to make a plane you should just need to pass values with a 0 y-coordinate: Dynamic Terrain | Babylon.js Playground (

Hello @syberic just checking in if you need more help with this