Firefox reality on Quest - A user gesture is required

If I try to run any of the XR samples on an Oculus quest they run fine on the Oculus Browser, but when I try to enter VR in Firefox Reality the button changes to ‘Error’, and the console tells me:

Babylon.js v4.2.0-alpha.17 - WebGL2 thinEngine.ts:674:16

XR Initialized
DOMException: “A user gesture is required.”

Does anyone know what’s wrong?

I believe Firefox reality just got XR support, but I haven’t tested it yet. I’ll check and let you know.

As we are essentially in a user interaction (click) when entering XR, I can’t quite understand why it happens. Especially as it works in chrome with no problems. I’ll play around with it and see who is doing what wrong.

Meanwile it works. VR and XR by the way.
And you need BJS 4.2!

Yes, I have made a few changes to the way we initiate XR (thou it was technically correct before). There are still a few open bugs in firefox reality that I am waiting to be fixed, but in general - it is working well.

I just honestly don’t see why you need an extra browser on the quest :slight_smile: Apparently there is always demand for one more!

Speaking personally in reply to your ‘why you need an extra browser’, it’s not that I have any particular preference to use Firefox personally - I don’t. But I’m trying to write something which just works for everyone on the quest, and if there are multiple browsers available I’d rather they all worked than having to have a list of ‘dont use this and don’t do that’.

Also, when strange things happen, as they do, it’s nice to have a second browser to test on, as it helps establish whether I’ve hit a bug, a limitation of the plaftform, or done something stupid myself.

Obviously, if there’s a browser out there that’s so buggy it can’t be made to work, then one has to live with it…

meanwhile, thanks for the fix, and I will be testing shortly.

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