Babylon 5.0.0-alpha.62 Entering WebXR Mode ends with black screen

Hello Dear Community!

I would like to report an issue that is happening on Babylon 5.0.0-alpha.62 but not in Babylon 4.2.

Entering XR mode ends with a black screen for all demos. I was testing against this Babylon.js Playground one.

I’m also sending you a video which shows the issue.

Unfortunately I’m unable to collect any logs for you because Firefox remote debugging seems to be broken :confused:

ohhhhhhhh this is strange… @RaananW might have an idea.

But it looks like you are relying on Firefox reality which has not updated its XR support if I remember well. I guess @RaananW will slap me if I am fully wrong :slight_smile:

That’s a good point!

However, why is it working on 4.2.0 then? :-). I tried to add webxr polyfill and that didn’t help.

I downgraded my project to 4.2.0 so I’m all set.

cause I guess 4.2.0 was still using the old in progress webxr API supported at that time by FF Reality

ah that make sense

Firefox reality hasn’t updated in the last year or so and still uses an older version of the API. having said that, entering XR should be relatively smooth and not result in a black screen.

I’ll try a few scenes on firefox reality and see if I can enable remote debugging for this. But my recommendation would be not to use WebXR with firefox reality. It is sadly no longer in development.

@RaananW before dropping support for firefox it is worth mentioning that Babylonjs will lose a big market.

PicoVR is the counterpart of Oculus in the Asian market. Unfortunately experiencing WebXR in Pico can be achieved only using the Firefox browser cause the default browser does not implement webxr at all.

We didn’t drop support for firefox… And I never said we did.

WebXR is a draft, and as such it updates constantly. We support the specs, and firefox reality doesn’t. We had to integrate quite a few hacks in the code just to make sure we render on firefox, this is why I find it odd that it doesn’t work. It should work, at least on simple scenes where you don’t use any special webxr features.

Pico’s decision to integrate a browser that doesn’t even get security updates should be a warning to their users not to purchase this platform. Or at least not to surf websites with it. Pico should support WebXR natively.


I don’t think Pico users can use Oculus because Facebook is banned in china and using VPN is illegal.

However, that makes sense. I’m glad It is working on babylonjs 4.2.0.


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Working on finding the reason for the issue

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