Firefox: WEBGL_debug_renderer_info is deprecated

With Firefox (Developer Edition 97.0b6, 64-bit)
loading script babylon.max.js logs a warning:

WEBGL_debug_renderer_info is deprecated in Firefox and will be removed. Please use RENDERER. thinEngine.ts:1113:41
Babylon.js v5.0.0-beta.4 - WebGL2

Could I avoid this or has Babylon to be adapted?
And if Firefox removes it, will Babylon still work?

Babylon will continue working and has a fallback for this. This is the code using this extension:

        // Infos
        this._glVersion = this._gl.getParameter(this._gl.VERSION);

        const rendererInfo: any = this._gl.getExtension("WEBGL_debug_renderer_info");
        if (rendererInfo != null) {
            this._glRenderer = this._gl.getParameter(rendererInfo.UNMASKED_RENDERER_WEBGL);
            this._glVendor = this._gl.getParameter(rendererInfo.UNMASKED_VENDOR_WEBGL);

        if (!this._glVendor) {
            this._glVendor = "Unknown vendor";

        if (!this._glRenderer) {
            this._glRenderer = "Unknown renderer";

Since it is deprecated, there must be a new API to replace it. @sebavan - do you know of anything about this deprecation?

Just added a safer fallback Firefox Deprecation Warning by sebavan · Pull Request #11831 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

But I wonder how to avoid the warning without UA sniffing, @RaananW ??? the new API will only provide a lame description on Chromium based browsers even Canary.

Seems like to avoid that you will need to use it, get the vendor name, and if it’s firefox, don’t use it!

Wait… :slight_smile:

Gosh, I hate UA sniffing. I would simply live with the deprecation note, making sure we fallback correctly once it is not available anymore

Yup basically what is in the PR :frowning: as I came to the same conclusion.

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