Flight helmet sample problen

it apears the flight helmet (contact hardening) sample does not work
propperly if downloaded
first of all i have a hardtime just pressing that download buton when i open it in sandbox
second of all it comes with only a non working html file
could this be fixed please?

Please provide the broken links, and from where you’ve find it.

my apoligize https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#EYEPRI#3

this is 1 of the sample programs i loaded it in the playground in order to download it as a zip
but testing the zip gives a unfinished scene
the model shadow or background color does not load

I have a console error when downloading too

  • Chrome
  • Firefox

It’s weird 'cause all files are online (Website/Assets/FlightHelmet/glTF at master · BabylonJS/Website · GitHub).

Time to call @Deltakosh to the rescue :smiley:

thank you for your help you are amazing

By waiting the USA to be wake up :smiley: you can download the flight helmet from github and use this index.html file to load locally the scene (I had to add line 51 to avoid a camera error on init).

thanks and how about https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#YB006J#0
it apears to be broken aswell

This is a bug in the zipper. It should not zip external contents. I will fix that

thank you so much