Flip Imagedata from dynamic Texture


I know this seems counterintuitive but I did it this way to show that updating the dynamic Texture does not actually flip its context (I would not think it should).

But given the case where I need to flip the imagedata not the dynamicTexture how would I go about that? I tried doing context.scale(1, -1) before grabbing the imagedata, but that did not seem to work.

I think I figured it out.

Do you have experience with creating Own shader using BabylonJS?

Ha, yeah for sure. XD.

Why did you have a question or where you going to suggest something?

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I have water shader script which was develop using Three.js

My problem is that i want to get same shader script in BabylonJS. If you can help me, Please let me know.

PM me, It depends on the complexity. But for the most part yes I can help.

depends on time constraints right now. I am just now able to work again and am playing catch up with all my jobs right now.