Flutter x BabylonNative

I’m doing a Flutter plugin integration. It’s in early stage with only Android supported at the moment.

The repo is available here. PRs and feedback are hugely welcome. As usual, features will be developed with community needs in mind.


@Cedric this is so coool !!!

We should add smthg in the doc for it @PirateJC :slight_smile:

@Cedric FANTASTIC job!

We indeed need to get some documentation about this and show others how to get started! Love it!

New technologies are fun. But useless if people not get anything except wasting of time and energy.


Why being so angry at Flutter :slight_smile:

I think it is amazing that @Cedric is helping other users of the community who might already been using Flutter to benefit from Babylon in their app with a low integration cost.

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New Tehnology are super.
But that is all what I can say about.
You can’t live from super.
It is just hobby bobby.

Let’s keep it positive and productive. New technology or not, if it’s not for people like @Cedric advancing Babylon and showing how it can be used in new and innovative ways, Babylon truly wouldn’t be where it is today.

I for one think this is cool and I hope that future people find it interesting and helpful.