Forum hover color recently changed is illegible (dark themed)

The color of the forum hover seems to have changed recently. And this is not very good for the dark theme (I haven’t tried with the light theme).

Here is the result in image (it is illegible) :

Could you go back to how it was before or maybe put a gray for the hover effect on the dark theme.
Thank you so much.

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haha :joy: that’s because you haven’t signed the agreement to view content after 10pm.
It’s made to prevent mental issues due to working late at night :night_with_stars:.
Thank you BJS for taking care of our health :heart: :stethoscope: :rofl:


That may have come automatically as I did nothing:)
I’ll have a look

I tested with the clear theme and the intermediate theme and it’s very good. This seems to only happen with the dark theme since today or yesterday.

can you try again?

It’s always the same.
IF you put the dark theme on, does it feel the same to you as it does to me? Or is it only me who this happens to?

I looked in the css code:

These are the parameters in css variables:root.

2024-03-21 17_59_50-Greenshot

no, no …it does the same. Looks like you are not yet affected by night working decease :rofl:
Clearly a bug

Thank you for confirmation. I feel less alone. :rofl:

Should be fixed!

Yes, the hover is better, but the link text changes color to a very deep blue one.
And the tabs hover is now red and the select tab is orange. Is this wanted ?

yes I switched to a new color scheme ;D

In all honesty, I find it less pretty. The blue is too blue and the orange is too orange.
The colors were better before.
I don’t know what others think, but I’m less of a fan.

With the new update I do not have a lot of alternative

Aren’t you getting a bit picky? :grinning:Just checked it and it looks ok to me. At least, we can see the content now :grin: But then, I have been checking on a calibrated for 5500 kelvin monitor. Colors are less intense than on a standard monitor, so it might be that the colors, as you say, do have a bit too much contrast. I’ll check on my other rig later… But then I mean, if (for some reason) we cannot have a full dark colors theme/color palette, Personally, I can cope with this version… Can’t you?

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I have an ultra HD screen and an Nvidia 3050 graphics card, which may be why I see very vivid colors.
Let’s say I was used to it before and the change stings my eyes.
The colors hovers buttons has present parries me better than color normal now.
But if I must make with, I shall make with.
Afterwards I have just given my personal opinion. For my quoted picky, it can be about a professional distortion of the cabinetmaker. Job which demands to be picky, definite.
Afterwards it is not serious if it cannot be in another way. I do not search has criticize, just has signal by giving my opinion. I hope that it is no probleme.

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