Loss of forum dark theme

Hi gang. A bit off-topic but… did anyone else… lose their dark theme on the forum today?

https://sea2.discourse-cdn.com/business7/stylesheets/color_definitions_dark1_b27313acc08cfc71dc7296da3c23fdfa55f9dcd9.css?__ws=forum.babylonjs.com seems to exist and browses ok.

Same symptom in FF or Chrome. I have switched to other themes (with no changes seen during THOSE changes), and back to ‘dark’ choice again, but no fix seen. Thoughts, anyone? thx!

(click your icon in upper right, then click your name, then choose preferences, then choose interface, then select ‘theme’)

All ideas welcome.

Yep I saw that as well… Should be fine now (they updated the theme for some reasons)

Thankya! Looks good now. Delete thread as wanted.

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