Found error in documentation, how can i send fix?

Hello, brand new user here, doing the “getting started - build a village” tutorial.
I found an error in the documentation:

in the example code (black box), the second line is :
box.rotation.y = BABYLON.Tools.toDegrees(45);

but should be:
box.rotation.y = BABYLON.Tools.toRadians(45);

because otherwise it makes not much sense.

The playground code linked from the documentation site is not affected, because the line appears only in the documentation.

My specific question is: How do i send an Github Issue/Pull request to fix the error in the documentation? Is there a seperate github project for the documentation?

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The “funny” thing is that both examples will not work.
The proper syntax should be ToRadians, with the first uppercase. Tools | Babylon.js Documentation

As for how to contribute to the Documentation there is the special section: Contribute To The Documentation | Babylon.js Documentation

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thank you labris!
I made an (case sensitive) pull request.

and the pull request is already accepted. that was fast. i’m very impressed with this community! You should add this bugs into the documentation by purpose, as an motivation tool for beginners :slight_smile:

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Hi @horstjens and welcome to the forum. Thank you for good error spotting and correcting.