Free Camera rotation keys (Cameras/Feature Reques)

Hi all!

FreeCamera has keysRotateLeft and keysRotateRight but no keysRotateUp and keysRotateDown.

Based on the screenshot below, it would probably be easy for you to implement such a feature.

In addition, I would like to be able to change the rotationSpeed. Because this property directly affects the rotation speed of the camera from the keyboard

Here is how it works in my project. If the above feature were implemented, I could reduce all this code to a couple of lines. Thanks!

Do you want to do a PR for it @Nawar ?

cc @PolygonalSun our camera GURU

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Is it possible? What do I need to do for this?

@PolygonalSun can help guiding you with this :slight_smile: It does not look hard and could be a great first contribution at a first quick glance :slight_smile: I would suggest to get yourself ready by following this guide @Nawar Start Contributing to Babylon.js | Babylon.js Documentation

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Here is my PR

Looked over the PR, LGTM. Thanks for putting the PR together. @Nawar!

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@sebavan @PolygonalSun

Thanks guys! Glad to contribute to the coolest 3d engine!