freezeActiveMeshes deforms the skybox

freezeActiveMeshes skybox

A simple question, why would you want to freeze the skybox? The skybox is already ‘freezed’ (kind of) by default. And then for your commented line, the answer is simple: There is no other ground, your ground is your watermesh, so you cannot push it to the render list of your water material (you cannot add self).

I don’t want to freeze the sky box, because my scene has a lot of mesh, so I need to use scene freezing to improve performance;

You can do it at scene level, as in your example, or at meshes level -
unfreeze when needed
If there are any moving meshes in our scene the second way is much more convenient because you have full control.

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Thank you for your attention, but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

So what is the problem, by the way? -

There was a problem with the reflection of the water. and the sky box was cut in half.