freezeActiveMeshes with moving Meshes/Instances makes Instances get stuck in place

I hope this counts as a bug, but for me its definitely unexpected behavior ^^

I have a scene with >100 instances that is heavily CPU bottlenecked due to the _evaluateActiveMeshes call. Using scene.freezeActiveMeshes drasticly improves performance, but instances get stuck in place.

As you can see in the PG, Meshes without instances keep getting positioned, Meshes with Instances and the Instances themselves just stay in place as soon as I freezeActiveMeshes.

Any Idea how I could get all Meshes and Instances to keep moving after calling freezeActiveMeshes?

Here is an hack for you :slight_smile:
freezeActiveMeshes with moving Instances | Babylon.js Playground (

wow awesome thanks a lot!

actually you don’t even have to _unfreeze the instance(es), just the original mesh. And it only has to be unfrozen once, though apparently doing it right after freezing active meshes doesn’t work…

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I added a new option to freezeACtiveMeshes (4th parameter) that should do it :slight_smile: