Let's find a new word to describe the true Metaverse. Since this one has been corrupted

More and more often, I get to see the term ‘metaverse’ for describing a 3D interactive, persistent and virtual environment. Which is btw the real description of it. But, since bloody FB has changed their name to ‘Meta’ (how have they even been allowed to do that?), every time I see this and even worse, everytime I use this term with my clients, we all think of faen facebook (sry, …‘Meta’).

Though, here we all know that neither FB nor Google nor any of the big buggers made the foundings of this. So, I’m just thinking: Shouldn’t we try to find just another word to describe our version of the Metaverse? Describe an environment that is yes, a ‘Metaverse’, but then WITHOUT or even the exact contrary of the ‘Meta’ culture, solely based on soaking up personal information without real consent to feed their aspiration of gaining absolute power in the digital.

i dont even want to use the word in their context or yours :wink: Its just to trendy and hipster for me.

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You’re very optimistic my friend. I can see you trust humanity as much as I trust the AI (created by …well, humans :wink: Let’s just hope this will not happen. I still like the sunshine on my skin even though I spend most of my time in front of a screen :thinking:

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Is “Virtual Reality” taken, cus that would kinda be perfect?

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Wait, me be Google will register it. Because, they also have some faen good lawyers :wink: