Game and Watch Cement Factory 2.5D

Hey all ,

So I built this some time ago and wanted to take a break from normal work , so I ported it over to babylon. No clean code or anything nice under the hood. Just a toy for 5 minutes of fun.

Since G&W are no longer simulations and are emulated by Mame , I didnt think to bother trying to make this have the same gameplay. It has most all but what I did was simply ramp up the speed every 10 points , so it will never be a long game as it gets far to difficult , should I say impossible at the 100 point mark.

I want to build another one , maybe Octopus or Fire or Parachute , same 2.5D style and graphics.

Anyway here is the link :

Its not polished , I didnt hook up any preloader , so just wait a few seconds for the scene to load , then start your game.




Love it!