GCaps Arena ( Pre Launch )


Hey everyone,

I am just launching my first title made with BabylonJS and I wanted to get a feedback from you.
The game is called GCaps Arena ( Galactic Caps Arena ) and is a caps soccer game in 3D. The player wins if he/she scores 3 goals. The game is thought to be only multiplayer and you can try it out here :


It is still a little bit rough around the edges and most surely you need to open 2 instances to try the game as it is not launched yet and nobody is playing right now.



Woot this is so cool!

please add it here:Website/index.html at master · BabylonJS/Website · GitHub

also pinging @sbtron fyi


Cool! Thnx! That would be awesome!!

Where do I upload the screenshot?


same repo in the /screenshots folder