GCaps Arena ( Pre Launch )

Hey everyone,

I am just launching my first title made with BabylonJS and I wanted to get a feedback from you.
The game is called GCaps Arena ( Galactic Caps Arena ) and is a caps soccer game in 3D. The player wins if he/she scores 3 goals. The game is thought to be only multiplayer and you can try it out here :


It is still a little bit rough around the edges and most surely you need to open 2 instances to try the game as it is not launched yet and nobody is playing right now.



Woot this is so cool!

please add it here:Website/index.html at master · BabylonJS/Website · GitHub

also pinging @sbtron fyi

Cool! Thnx! That would be awesome!!

Where do I upload the screenshot?

same repo in the /screenshots folder

So I finally took a couple of days to work on GCaps and I am quite happy with the progress. Did a graphical revamp, worked a little bit with the physics and developed an AI for solo play. I will refine it along the way but for now I think it is okay. Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:


Love it!

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Beautiful! With ‘GC’ in the name, I thought SURE it was going to be a Garbage Collection sim… try to load the residential garbage into your garbage truck before the street is over-run with it.

But nope… it’s an air hockey-like thing… coooool. :slight_smile: Pretty!

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Haha, I never thought of the GC as garbage collector, that’s a very cool point of view :smiley: ! Also, thanks for the kind words, more like a galactic soccer…kind of thing :smile: . Feedback is also very much appreciated, negative one even more so. I would love to improve it further on!

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Awesome! Cool game, great style. Good job Null!!! :relaxed:

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Thank you so much for the kind words. There is room for improvement and I have some cool plans for this games future :slight_smile: .

Hey this game is really cool! Looking forward to the launch.

The only thing I noticed is that, at least on a PC the direction controls are counterintuitive IMO. I missed my first two shots because I thought I was supposed to drag in the direction of the ball.

Otherwise extremely nice work and cool graphical style! The AI is also really good. Great job!

Thank you so much. Also, thank you for the feedback. The basic idea is that you “pull” the gcaps which is basically “fueling” them towards a direction but it would make sense the other way around too! I will think about it :slight_smile: .

Hey guys, it’s me again with some news! I am getting closer to what I have envisioned as the full launch version of the game, now a new game mode has been added “Score & Destroy”, if you hit the GCaps too many times with the ball they get destroyed.



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