GeekTrains - Big Model Train Game


Hi guys and gals,

As we all moved from to anyways, I wanted to give a short update on my Big Model Train Game project.

Although the project is still in heavy development, the game now at least has a real name and dedicated website:

:nerd_face: :steam_locomotive::railway_car::railway_car:

In this fun game for all ages you remote control a big model train locomotive that runs through indoor as well as outdoor scene. With the locomotive (different types available) you have to solve railroad shunting puzzles, transport goods and passengers between stations, race against opponent players, or all at the same time :slight_smile: But watch out: don’t run out of fuel, money, time or health!

Some changes since my last post (on the old forum):

  • There’s a scoring system that awards you a score on finishing a level (for the levels that are configured for that). When you replay the level you can try to beat your previous score or best time. Scores are stored at local machine.
  • In my effort to make level construction easier, I am refactoring some level setups to support improved scenery and environment (how the level looks like). Also the default scene was changed.
  • I got some nice help with the (Train-) FollowCamera controller, which adds great Keyboard input support to control the camera angle etc. of the follow-cam (thanks @dunk).
  • Added a ‘Give feedback’ button to the game and website where you can post your feedback / hints / suggestions etc. Let me hear about your crazy or funny ideas!
  • Bought a XBox 360 USB Gamepad, to be able to test out the special gamepad functions with this game…
  • Computer opponents will now use weapons (if any on board).

Well that’s about it for now. Major updates I’ll post here as well. Minor updates I will put on the website or Facebook page. Enjoy your coding because I definitely will. :upside_down_face:

Choo choo!



Still loving it.




Haven’t seen it before. Awesome :slight_smile:


Short update:

  • Moving stuff (Javascript and assets) over to domain
  • Added a database at the backend to manage train stuff and more (levels, players, leaderboards, achievements, …)
  • Installed a CMS using CakePHP open source framework to enable more user interactivity
  • Added player account creation (to submit your high scores and fastest times to the leaderboards)
  • Looking for people who want to test the functionality of the fastest times leaderboards by trying to beat the current high scores (connection between BabylonJS javascript game and the CakePHP backend)



Created and added a teaser gameplay trailer video :cinema: to the website:

Also optimizing some textures/meshes to support different quality modes (low/medium/high). Will be used later on to switch quality up or down based on device and bandwidth…

The movie is made with native Windows 10 Photo application :movie_camera: and the default Game Bar :video_game: screen recorder. It’s a snap! :sunny:



Do you want to tweet about it? I would like to retweet it to give it some exposure!


Thanks for the offer @Deltakosh and I would like to make use of it at a later time (with a more finished game), if that’s no problem for you. :slight_smile:

In the current development stage I’m mainly looking for beta-testers and other BabylonJS enthousiasts.