Help Paint the Pony

Hi again, girls!

Awhile back, I got some curiosity about @sebavan’s little “Pony Car” that he uses for his forum picture. I went “out there” searching for the model, found it in public domain .obj format, and loaded it into a playground from my git-folders.

There it is… but its textures are not applied, and its writing/license numbers… are written backwards.

I asked “Bavs” if he’d like to fight with it… to try to get the playground to work, but he was really busy with work stuff. And… I don’t know what I’m doing, when it comes to model importing. So… does anyone want to try to get “The Pony” properly painted and in-ver-texed?

I think it would be a sweet little model to have laying around. It doesn’t have turn-able wheels or anything like that, but it might be fun to shoot a few hundred of them from a physics-engine cannon, huh? They should instance-up (and terrain-tumble) real nicely. :wink: Help welcome. Thx.

Didja know that Wingnut once created a train jumping/diving route (called LocoMoJo) for MS Train Sim? Nobody but me… used it.

Over 150 train-jumping and cliff-diving sidings… to “popcorn” a freight or passenger train. Believe me, I’ve tumbled some locomotives and rolling stock… across terrains and into cliff faces. I even have a very tall Ferris-wheel-like “loop” of track… from which freight trains can “hang” upside-down… and not fall-off the tracks. (the only person to ever lay such a track in a rail sim editor, as far as I know. 120 track sections… each climbing 3 degrees… 3*120 = 360. erf. Took forever to lay.)

All my freight locomotives were “hacked” to attain speeds over 1000 mph… fully loaded. :open_mouth: 300-400 mph is plenty, though… unless you’re trying to dock a locomotive to a passing airliner. (called a “moon-shot jump”) heh.

Yep, I’m hot/famous… in the world of demented physics-active child-corrupting carnage-seeking. I LOVE destroying stuff. :slight_smile:

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I think I got it from sketchfab and you should be able to get the gltf file from there :slight_smile:

Definitely on Sketchfab Pony Cartoon

Otherwise your model is inverted on the X scale and quite a few textures are assigned to the wrong slots. Need to adjust the diffuse colors as well away from Black.


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I guess… I got the .obj version from “cadnav”. Cartoon Pony Car 3d model Object files free download - modeling 42014 on CadNav

I was hoping that all the troubles could be fixed… with a couple of flags on our .obj loader. Thx for the info, oJ and Bavs. Perhaps not worth further pursuit… but I got to learn that some .obj models… are grumpy with BJS importing.

I know SO little about model importing. Maybe someday… all our models will have a plug’n’play beltpack attached, and it lets the model present ITSELF… in whatever format we ask it to. :slight_smile:

haha… multi-linqual models. I don’t THINK so. Nah, the importers need to sense which .obj format is being used within the file, and grind-out the render, even if it takes all night. :slight_smile:

So I tried importing pony into max to invert the flipped axis, and well it looks like it had a bad accident :frowning:

I was really hoping when I opened this thread you built a communal 3d model painting tool… virtual graffiti :slight_smile: Ah well, maybe someday we can get our collaborative virtual spray cans on.

Of note, it does appear to be an OBJ import bug in latest build as its not mirrored in 3ds Max

Here’s one, (unfinished) version
added ground texture/shadow,
root parent, inverted & baked.

Aswell as comments pointing out which mesh is which,
I’ll leave fixing the last materials to yourself :slight_smile:
The materials are there, but have been converted to StandardMaterials somewhere along the way.
I think they used to be PBR…
I don’t know how great the end result will be without PBR,
maybe you’ll have to set some up again :slight_smile:

Also fyi, your github folder is missing normal maps.

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Is this cheating (line 4) ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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