New World in ShaderBuilder and Geometry Builder

i will back soon


First row expectation !!!

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New GUX tools you can define any area and collect your content and navigation system


@nasimiasl : Happy Holidays to you.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

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i always be happy see old friend here

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I used a couple of your examples from years ago, shown as you get the next model here, from version 1 of ShaderBuilder. Not sure if you are actually assigning version numbers though.

Custom built shaders is one rabbit hole that I am reluctant to go down, myself. Am actually beginning to think about how to adjust one of yours to have a more non-linear timeline though.

I have an interpolation based animation system. If you know how long to takes to go between states, you can define custom Paces as I call them, which still completes on time, but interim times are not the same a linear.

Similar to BABYLON.Easings (which I also stole, but think they did as well) that are used to smoothly transition between 2 animations. Maybe this will be of use to you too.

Gotta say, your stuff holds up really well. Good Luck.

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the next version of new system is open source
base on GB and shader Builder

also i design this system without any 2d dom and css full in 3d even mouse is in 3d with the xyz position imaging project without any css html all on 3d this new system is foundation for that

for next 40 days i have fully task for make some transfare ship between area then i had chance to the explain the core here more clearly. but i try keep weekly report and make some live demos

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