Get number of object in the Scene

Hello guys,
i looking in this forum an in the web for an solution to get the number of the objects in the scene.
I create an virtual exhibition and i want to have an time machine, at this point i got an Gui to change the year. When i change the Year the objects from the next year will be load, but if i want to go back to the last year i dont want to create all of the existing objects again.

Is there something like scene.length to get the number of the existing objects?

You could use scene.meshes.length


thank you.
But it didnt worked like i expected that.

I thougth i can do a l loop to get all names but i cant use scene.meshes.getChildMeshes.

Do you know an way to get to the names?

Could map it to an array of names like this if that’s what you want.

const names = =>;
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